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Delivery Partners

Apply to join UCG as a Delivery Partner.

UCG engages subcontracting firms as our Delivery Partners to perform the end to end works. Our Delivery Partners have scoping, build, provisioning and civils capabilities so they are fully accountable for the end to end connection.

No Positions Available

We currently have no Delivery Partner positions available.

Why be a Delivery Partner of UCG?

UCG has become renowned as the innovator within the market, and the go to company for tackling challenges that our competitors are unable to solve.

Each Delivery Partner crew is typically made up of 2 people, a qualified and experienced Team Leader, supported by their crew person. Additional civils capabilities may be called in from other specialised civils Delivery Partners when the requirements demand it.

UCG strives for our Delivery Partners to be successful, and provides induction, supervision and ongoing support and guidance throughout the full life cycle.

What are the benefits?

  • Ongoing work on the build and connect of single and multi-dwelling units to internet services, civil construction, network asset deployment, and critical network infrastructure projects across New Zealand;
  • Software which allows you to complete your administration at the work site, alleviating office work of an evening at home;
  • Schedule of rates based contract that enables you to know your revenue at the commencement of the work;
  • Efficient payment from UCG after the completion of work and records supplied;
  • Induction, supervision and ongoing support and guidance provided by UCG.

To work for UCG your business or the Delivery Partner who you work for must have appropriate tools of trade, relevant tickets and licences, workers compensation or accident protection insurance for all workers and public liability insurance. All workers must be deemed competent by their employer before the tasks are performed on UCG work sites.

Delivery Partner activities include


Surveyors attend building sites prior to the construction phase to verify the sites construction requirements, including the identification of a suitable pathway for the cabling to reach the building from the communal network. Generally a one person crew.

Cable Technicians

Run and install cable from the street network to single and multi-dwelling units. Most often a 2 person crew.

Civil Workers

Perform generally minor civil works such as trenching or tunnelling and installing ducting ahead of the cabling works, and performing reinstatement works when required.

Large scale civil works including trenching and boring, use of vacuum excavation, horizontal directional drilling, construction of underground pit and pipe networks and most often a crew of 2-4.

Connect Services

Providing an internal cabling solution to end users by installing cabling and associated devices into their residential or commercial property.


Connecting optical fibre cabling in order to joint and extend the network.

Traffic Management Operators

Set up traffic management operations to ensure pedestrians, vehicle traffic, our workers and members of the public all remain safe in the proximity of our work sites.