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Project Details:

Project:Auckland Transport CCTV Network
Scope:Ultra-fast broadband upgrade
Duration:Sept 2019
Fact Sheet: Download PDF

In September 2019, UCG was awarded a contract to upgrade Auckland Transport’s traffic light cabinets to an Ultra-Fast Broadband service, providing digital CCTV capability to traffic light nodes. This involved terminating fibre from the Chorus network, adding an optical network terminal within the Auckland Transport’s traffic light cabinets, and commissioning them.

Chorus distributed a tender to all service companies for the management of a project upgrading Auckland Transport traffic light cabinets to a UFB service. A key requirement of the tender was for the service company to provide a dedicated team to work directly with the RSP (Fusion Networks) and Auckland Transport, managing all aspects of the installation process right from the start to the commissioning of services by the RSP.

The project scope required a dedicated project team to ensure a streamlined workflow management process between all parties – UCG, Chorus and the RSP Fusion Networks. It allowed for the completion and commissioning of services on behalf of Auckland Transport for 102 CCTV sites, which monitor major traffic intersections across Auckland.

A feature video of the project was released earlier this year.

Processes and systems

The project required a shift in the current structure within UCG, by combining survey and design as one, pre-vetting sites first for the nearest access terminals and communal infrastructure, which necessitated the survey lead to validate and confirm the design proposal as well as investigate the streetlight cabinet’s current infrastructure. The pre-vetting of surveys by the design team has had a positive outcome by reducing the turnaround for an approved design by a considerable amount of time. This has made it possible to complete 102 approved surveys and designs within a three week timeframe. It also enabled UCG to have the first streetlight cabinet connected by 18 November 2019 after receiving the work packet on 5 November, which demonstrates swift achievement of the required project outcomes.

UCG turnkeyed this program and managed outcomes and accountabilities, providing high volume outputs in a constrained time period.
Chorus NZ

UCG utilised an agile approach across four separate companies; the client, Chorus NZ and the Retail Service Provider, with UCG leading the project. UCG effectively turnkeyed this program and managed outcomes and accountabilities, providing high volume outputs in a constrained time period.